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Deco style meets Islamic art.

The Art Deco Society of New York

Always designers are fascinated by the phenomenon of taste that affected the early decades of the twentieth century that is called 'Art Deco and involving the decorative arts visual arts, the 'architecture and fashion.
Creativity at every level of expression, found in optimistic twenties the right way to develop outside of the academic tradition, looking for a modern and innovative spirit.


Jade Elephants Cartier Earrings 1921

The Jewels of Art Deco objects were special and unmistakable: bold, processed, fresh and joyful; polychrome of bright colors.

And big names had its creators: Lalique, Cartier, Van Cleef, Mauboussin, Boucheron, Tiffany, Lacloche, Fouquet, Mellerio who realized creations of unsurpassed quality, scientific rigor and spectacle.

Our collections "ARABESQUE CIRCLE" and "ARABESQUE SQUARE" born of this huge passion for this modern style where they meet quality materials like coral and pearls with jade carved and hand-carved mother of pearl.

The new collections are inspired by Islamic art deco and ornamental decorations typical of Arab culture. Geometric shapes that convey a pleasant feeling of serenity and beauty.

"Arabesque Circle", graphic design and realization of the pendant.

"Arabesque Circle", ring.

 The Arabesque is an ornamental style composed of calligraphic elements and / or geometric patterns that decorate mosques, palaces and domes of the Islamic world: almost a form of writing that becomes pure decoration .This meticulous attention to ornament comes from strict religious rules that prohibit the human figure.

"Arabesque Circle", bracelet.

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Images © Modula Gioielli

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